Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hunt for craftsmanship

After a few days of mourning the loss of planting justice, I returned to project chicken this week with renewed vigor.  Item the first: a coop to keep my girls in.   

After multiple journeys through google and craigslist for local coops and coopmakers, I determined that the coops at stood out as being particularly well made. To be certain, I wanted to see the goods before I bought in. And so I dragged my essentially disinterested-but-willing husband along on an hour-long drive to check out the coop's craftsmanship. 

We arrived at Dru's house on a warm Friday morning. It was hilarious to watch Rich and Dru together. Their eyes met across the crowded work area. They stood for a second, frozen in platonic man love. Then they crossed the field of scrap wood and power tools and fell, laughing, into each other's arms.  

Okay, it didn't go down exactly like that. But it was close.  Dru's fine craftsmanship, his knowledge of chicken husbandry, and his slick solutions to a variety of chicken needs made Rich swoon, and Rich's job at the Academy made Dru's heart go pitter pat. It was very cute.   I just sat by the chickens while Rich and his new buddy made up secret handshakes. 

So, the coop is now on order. We're getting the 4x4 coup de grande.  The coup de view is cuter, but the grand has more floor space, which our flock of 6 will need.

Oh, and Rich has arranged for Dru to deliver the finished product to our house.  This saves us the trouble of renting a trailer (it's too big and heavy for a truck), and it also ensures that the two of them will see each other again. Convenient!

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  1. I so know what you mean about platonic man love. My dh has a friend that I call his boyfriend. They go a little nuts if they can't play together often enough *eye roll*